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In this day and age, Indoor Air Quality is recognized by health officials as a serious matter with severe health implications. As research frequently shows us that indoor air pollution has a profound impact on our health and well-being, more homeowners are taking action to ensure their homes have fresh, clean, healthy air quality in addition to optimal comfort levels. At Upper Arlington Heating & Air, we care about the air you breathe. Because Indoor Air Quality is so important, we carry a wide range of quality products and offer all kinds of services to help you keep the air you breathe free of airborne pollutants like viruses, bacteria, mold particles, germs, dust, and other indoor air contaminants.

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What is Indoor Air Quality?

Health officials define Indoor Air Quality as the quality of air inside a home or building, particularly as it relates to the comfort, health, and well-being of the people inside. 

By cutting down on or eliminating indoor pollutants that are airborne, you can reduce the risk of health problems significantly. The concern with a lot of indoor air pollution is that many of the health implications aren’t always obvious right after exposure. Sometimes, it can take years before serious health issues are noticeable.

As such, residents need to ask themselves: What kinds of hidden toxins are floating around in the air I breathe in my home?

How Important is Indoor Air Quality?

Promoting clean and healthy breathing conditions in your home (with optimal air quality) is essential for ideal health and overall wellness for that inside. 

Americans spend most of their time — an estimated 90 percent of it —indoors, whether it be at home, in an office, or in some sort of restaurant, work building, factory, or warehouse. In many of these kinds of places, experts are finding smoke, aerosol, toxic gases, chemicals, and other types of pollution floating around. A lot of this stuff is known to cause allergies, headaches, fatigue, and other breathing problems, in addition to irritation of the eyes, throat, nose, and skin. On a more serious note, the more severe indoor pollutants can cause heart disease, cancer, respiratory problems, and other grave long-term health conditions. 

Trusted Indoor Air Quality Services in Upper Arlington, OH


Add moisture to your indoor air with a humidifier.  

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Decrease humidity levels in your home.  

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Air Filters

Air filters catch dust, pollen, and other allergens that float around your indoor air.  

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Take control of your indoor air temperatures with a smart, programmable thermostat.  

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UV Lights

Ultraviolet light helps to kill a variety of harmful bacteria and mold.  

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Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleanings enhance airflow efficiency and eradicate certain smells in your home.  

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Featured Product: iWave-R

Since the COVID-19 pandemic first broke out, the iWave-R has gained the spotlight as being very helpful in ridding indoor air of airborne viruses. This air purification system is very reasonably priced for the work it does. This highly innovative application that can be installed inside an HVAC system that utilizes air ducts.

How It Works

The iWave-R focuses the outgoing air as it passes over the system’s ion generator. Before the outgoing air gets circulated out into the home, the iWave-R kills airborne viruses, pathogens, bacteria, mold, and allergens that are in the breathing supply. It also removes other types of particles that might cause odors, like smoke; it proves useful in providing superior indoor air quality without any byproducts being created from the process.

Benefits of the iWave-R include:

  • Kills viruses, mold, bacteria, pathogens
  • Does its job within the air duct system
  • Does not ever need maintenance or replacement parts
  • It’s able to clean itself
  • Removes unpleasant odors and smoke from the air

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Indoor Air Quality Services in Upper Arlington, OH

Common Causes of Indoor Air Quality Problems

Indoor air quality problems result from interactions between building materials and furnishing, activities within the building, climate, and building occupants. IAQ problems may originate from one or more of the following causes:


Indoor Air Contaminants

If you handle chemicals indoors or have dust, molds or fungi, bacteria, gases, vapors, odors floating around the space, you may experience the effects of this over time.


Indoor environment

If your indoor spaces have an inadequate temperature, humidity, poor air circulation, ventilation system issues, we suggest upgrading your current products. 


Insufficient outdoor air intake

If your indoor space contains a window, we recommend cracking it open on a nice day for circulation.

Do You Have Poor Indoor Air Quality?

You can determine the quality of air in a residence by taking a close look at the health status of the people living there and breathing the air daily.

If you or anyone else living in the home has been experiencing the following symptoms of poor indoor air quality, we suggest placing one of the products above in your home. Keep in mind, also, that we can help by testing the air quality for levels of pollution in the home. We are always a quick and easy phone call away! (614) 490-7507

You may have poor air quality if you experience:

Dryness and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, & skin

Frequent Nosebleeds

Dizziness, Nausea, Fatigue, Shortness of Breath

Watery Eyes, Frequent Sneezing

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